Are you an Avril or a Gaga?

As you might have noticed, I offer colour analysis and personal stylist services- but I'm also quite good at make up ( and modesty). As a part of the colour consultation I will identify what colours suit your complexion better- for example Summer seasons usually prefer a more natural makeup. And so on.

BUT there is a one size fits all with make up: the smokey eye. A few of you have asked me about a tutorial for smokey eye. You can use any colours (it's the same formula over and over) and adapt it to the shades that suit you better.

It all boils down to: Are you an Avril or a Gaga?

Avril's smokey eye is messier, more aggressive maybe a bit boujiee maybe- not an everyday look for sure. Gaga' is more romantic, and timeless. I do love both looks, YES avril's look is quite full on, but I can totally picture myself rocking it at a concert. Also really, that's the beauty of living in London- nobody would look at me twice if I go to the post office like that. LOVE.

--> Get Ramona's look in a few simple steps.

First of all- for THE ultimate smokey eye, you'll have to bow down to fake eyelashes- they just add the drama required. And don't we all love a bit of drama?

After having applied fake eyelashes, proceed to choose three eyeshadows- one for the base, one for the middle and one for the outer corner. Ideally bright, bright but darker and dark. (I honestly cannot explain it in an easier way).

Apply them and BLEND everything in.

Then proceed with either a black pencil or black eyeshadow and fill in completely upper and lower rim. You want to hide the bit where your fake eyelashes are landing basically. So actually, putting on a lot of black really helps.

If in doubt, add black. Understand? Black.

--> This is the effect you want to achieve.

As I mentioned though, this is quite an aggressive look, so I wouldn't necessarily pair it with a sporty outfit.

The real Avril touch is wearing black, show a tattoo or two and part your air in the middle!

For Angelina Germanotta's smokey eye, let's start over.

Fake eyelashes: Check.

Choose your three eyeshadows, in this case neutral, silver and plum. Add white eyeliner on the lower rim of your eye

Blend carefully everything together. Like I'm doing here-------------------------->>

Last thing, black eyeliner and plum eyeshadow under the lower rim of your eye.

We could be sisters, really.

Now what if you want something super quick and easy- first of all, forget about fake eyelashes- unless they are semi permanent, I find that the ones you put on at home yourself are not worth the fuff.

Grab your usual three eyshadows- I usually go for neutral, pink/blush and either plum or grey. I rarely go for black, unless I want to be super dramatic and I've got a tan on- otherwise I just look dead.

Blend blend blend, then add eyeliner. and a red lip.

For the eyeliner: either fill it in with black, or it looks quite elegant without the filling- all you need is a steady hand.

All of these tutorials are on my highlights on Instagram "Avril or Gaga" (@notmybodytype).

Hope you find your inner smokey eye !


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