Have a stylish Christmas

Remember when I said on Instagram that it is my belief that you either put make up on your eyes OR your lips thus avoiding looking like a clown? I do believe it is a good rule, but actually, for Christmas I like to go ALL IN.

Christmas is my absolute, hands down, not- one- doubt- in- my- mind, favourite holiday of the year. Christmas tree has to go up PRONTO a month before so I can enjoy it from November 25th.

I loved Christmas as a child, fell out of love during my teenage years, and now love it all over again. A bit Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, if you will.

I loved that when you're grown-up you can make your own rules about Christmas, when the tree goes up, when you open presents, do we actually give each other presents or very pragmatically screenshot our Amazon carts to one another?

We ( and by "we" I mean: my boyfriend, my cousin, whoever my cousin is dating and I) usually put up the tree, drink shitloads of alcohol and play cards.

For different reasons, my cousin cannot be with us this year so it feels a little lonelier than it used to be. But it's ok, we will celebrate when we can; just the umpteenth thing that we had to put on hold this year.

So my new rule this Christmas: let's go all in. Bling, heavy make up, sequins, whatever makes us feel a bit more festive and joyous is highly recommended. As it feels like, if Covid doesn't get us first, depression will.

As for me: gold and white and red make up. Red lip, because why not. So if you're reading this and digging the look, please get in touch for a free tutorial- it's Christmas, after all!

My beautiful shoes.

And I KNOW we are not allowed to go anywhere but: I get to wear my Tezenis bodysuit that I bought in 2018. I love it, it has golden threads in that make oh so festive, but because is open on the front I can't really wear it with a bra. So I have been too afraid (and too cold frankly) of a faux pas and never actually wore it, believe it or not. BUT tonight I will. Oh and please not the palazzo trousers that I got last week from New Look for 10£, absolute bargain. They look nice, but more importantly they will stretch enough for the amount of food I intend to eat.

So what are you up to this Christmas Eve (if I hear another time the word unprecedented I might scream, but actually it best describes this year, doesn't it just?)? I will be heading downstairs soon, where I will proceed and try to cook homemade tagliatelle. And I will probably end up covered in flour and ruining my outfit completely, but again- who is going to see it?

Let's not forget to check on each other- holidays can be tough even on the strongest person, especially this year. After posting about mental health, a lot of people got in touch with me and God, if I thought I was having a rough year I quickly put things into perspective. You just never ever know what someone is going through, so just be fucking kind to each other (I know I try and not always succeed so apologies if you were in my radar when I couldn't be nice to you).

Hope you spend a lovely Christmas wherever you are! And please do subscribe :)

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