How do you organise a wardrobe decluttering?

Good evening everybody, and congratulations for surviving January, which seems to have lasted about 520 months this year! Or maybe it is just me?

In the last month, as promised, I perfected some tricks to help you declutter your wardrobe and optimise your clothes. These tricks are a downloadable as a printable guide the can help you step-by step. Some examples below:

I recently done a wardrobe for a client and I used this little guide, which proved really handy.

So what does "decluttering a wardrobe" actually mean? Well, it's a known fact that women tend to wear only 20% of the items they have in their wardrobe. Usually it's because we tend to stock up on items that no longer fit us (I'll keep those jeans for when I lose weight), or items that no longer fit our lifestyle but we have some sort of attachment to (the old ripped Levis, the T-shirt of your favourite band, etc). Some items might have been bought on a whim (maybe shopping with friends who advised us- wrongly- or because we were feeling brave and wanted a change). Sounds familiar? When I found myself single back in 2018, I bought a lot of sexy dresses and tops (of course to help me mingle, but also because I was way thinnier back then). Now I look at some dubious items and think- well I can't believe that I was a persone that could wear that. Lacy bright orange dress in size 6? Or leopard-print, well, anything?

I loved my period as a single woman in London and thoroughly enjoyed it, but let's face it- I will not fit into those clothes anymore, nor I would want to wear them, even if I was to be single again in the near future. There truly is a time for everything, and I think my days as a leopard are probably over. I had this discussion with a friend lately, on whether there is such a thing of "dressing appropriately for your age" when we were talking about the comeback of Avril Lavigne. She had a life threatening disease, disappeared from the scenes for years, was bed-bound for months, had her heart shattered; and yet, seemingly she is back and has.not.changed.a.bit. And I don't mean just her face, which of course looks smooth and dewy like it did when she was 19, but even the way she dressed hasn't really changed. Nor, really, did her lyrics. I personally find it a bit sad- as human beings, key word here be-ing, I think we are naturally inclined in growing, changing and evolving. On the other hand, I guess that can be seen as complete devotion to her brand and who she is. Who am I to judge? (Although please Avril, go back to be a brunette).


Testament to the ever- evolving creatures that we are, it is a shock to go back to my parents' home and open my wardrobe, who remains the same as it was when I was a teenager- as I spoke about in a post previously (if you want to read about it, click here: )

Anyway, if you are not graced by genes like Avril and you do change shape and sizes and actually age, then you might get to a point in your life where you need to have a good wardrobe decluttering. I have recently done a wardrobe for a client, and she had many many clothes that did not fit her anymore that had to go. That also included a dress that she wore once for her mother's 50th- and she is now turning 61. I am sure it is a ovely memory, but- these things take up space, and more importantly, you wake up in the morning, nothing fits, and you end up wearing always the same stuff. Until you go on a shopping spree, but something flamboyant to shake things up, which will end up at the bottom of you drawer until you forget about it.

Cleaning up your wardrobe is easy: take everything out. Yes, really- everything. Make five piles: items that no longer fit, items you no longer like/suit your age and lifestyle, items for which you have never really an occasion to wear them to, items you forgot even existed in your wardrobe, and items you currently wear. Items that don't fit: give to charity, or post them on Vinted for a bit of profit. Then -it gets philosophical here- look at your life and think: what items do I actually need? How do I spend my time? Am I mainly sitting in an office? Do I work in a gym? Do I work from home and I need tops for Zoom?

It might be useful to write down a little table (how many hours per day do I spend doing certain activities) so that it can guide you to formulate a)whta items you need and b)how to distribute your budget.

Easy?Well, if it sound difficult, I am here to help you. But if you'd like a more DIY job, you can download my printable guides from Etsy, available via this link:

And of course, if you prefer not todo it yourself, drop me a message and we can declutter your wardrobe together!

Hope your February goes quickly...Spring hurry up!

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