How is cozy loungewear going for you guys?

I'll be honest. I am a little tired of cozy pjs and fluffy sweaters and putting my makeup on to go to the living room to have scrambled eggs. Aren't you?

February must be my least favourite month of the year. I know it is usually November and February that make it to the top of the list of the shittiest months, but November marks my birthday AND the fact that we are a month away from Christmas and I adore Christmas.

So yeah, boring February. You are the shortest month of the year and yet still manage to go on for eons.

So I thought, in a sheer attempt to brighten up this month, shall we try and focus on accessories- basically how do we make an outfit less boring?

The other day I stumbled upon the following quote, by Alexander Wang:

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing".

I would normally completely agree with it, especially as a nurse- as I usually see my colleagues in scrubs, it becomes quite interesting to see everybody's style when we go out for a drink. BUT I am not sure my dear Alexander has ever gone through a pandemic where every day seems a bit like the previous one. Groundhog Day, over and over and over and over. And over. Again.

So while last year was quite a novelty to stay at home and wear loungewear, now has become incredibly repetitive. There is only so much you can play around with pyjamas and cozy sweaters. And, it is becoming increasingly hard to see the end of this.

Lately, I find myself popping on day pyjamas, or day loungewear. For example the one on the right- it is an Alice in Wonderland one from Primark. It keeps me warm while I sit at my desk picking my brain on what to write about next.

If I feel REALLY fancy, I might put on actual yoga trousers (never done yoga in my life but it sounds cool just to say it) and some vintage top from Brick Lane.

Again,I do try to do my make up daily- it just makes me feel like I have some kind of purpose for the day really. There are other days where I just can't.

And it's ok.

Talking about Yoga, I just bought the cutest duvet cover for my bed. It's sloths. Doing Yoga. It honestly makes me so happy is unreal.

Have you actually try investing on a cute duvet cover? It is incredible how happy it makes you feel if the place where you sleep looks cute and funny. Or maybe because I just love sleep and at times has become very ephemeral.

I mean: downward facing sloth? Genius.

Just a brief note to just say that between work, the blog, Instagram posts, and studying to become a personal stylist (and you know, a raging pandemic) I might need to take a little step back as far as writing posts for this blog is concerned. Keeping up one post a week is at the moment a little too much for me, so I will reduce it to once every fortnight. Also: we have been in lockdown for about five years now so not a lot happening :)

Please don't cry. Life is a bit difficult lately.

So I shall see you here in two weeks and we will dig into accessories!

Feel free to DM me if you would like me to write about any particular topic (a lot of you are already, so thank you!)

Take care out there


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