How to: layered clothing

As promised two weeks ago, here we are! March saw my focus on layered clothing. "Marzo pazzerello, guarda il sole e prendi l'ombrello" is a common expression in Italian, which literally translates into "Crazy March, look at the sun and grab the umbrella". As the weather starts going into Spring mode- and one minute is raining, one minute the sun is out, and the next thing you know, they are forecasting snow for Easter.

Layered clothing is a sort of art- use pieces in your wardrobe to create a complete new look. Sort of like looking in the fridge and creating a whole new dish by using leftovers. Same thing!

There are never-ending combinations of clothes and garments, so that a lot of people get confused. I will try to keep it simple, just sort of remember that there are four easy ways to layer your clothes (I mean, there are countless ways but I feel that narrowing it down to four might help you keep it in track):

1- Woollen jumper over tight/bodycon dress⁠

2- Midi dress over trousers/jeans⁠

3- Long sleeves under Summer maxi dress⁠

4- Woollen jumper under flowy/ slouch dress⁠

In detail:

1- Woollen jumper over tight/bodyCon dress:

I rarely wear JUST a bodyCon dress as I feel too self- conscious (hence the name body con I know I know, oh the irony), so layering is perfect to use all those dresses that feel a bit too tight or too showing.

Ignore my hair please. Always ignore my hair lately.

I never ever wear this dress, way too tight- it's short but with long sleeve so it is too warm for summer- but perfect for layering. It was also incredibly cheap- second hand from a thrift shop (and by cheap I mean really cheap- 3£ maybe?). I've put on top a jumper and a blazer. Not as easy to peel away layers, so maybe this combo works better for the beginning of the month, when it's actually still quite chilly.

2- Midi dress over trousers/jeans⁠

Not gonna lie, not the biggest fan of midi dresses. They always look splendid in theory, but then I try them on and they never look quite right. I have a feeling they only look good on tall people, which definitely isn't my category AT ALL. They just cut my already short legs in half, which probably doesn't help? But I do love this one.

Saying that, midi is THE perfect length for layering on jeans/trousers/leggings/tracksuit bottoms.

Admittedly, these colours don't look great on me (not my season palette at all)- but I do like the outfit so I decided to keep this dress (it has been in my maybe pile for quite some time now). Always worth to brighten it up with a cool scarf. Add some boots for that edgy?rock feeling. Layered it up with long sleeves underneath the dress, and a woollen Primark top.

3- Long sleeves under Summer maxi dress⁠

This maxi dress has a whole story on its own. First of all, you might remember it from my last post- I bought it on Vinted for a ridiculous price. But best of all, I then got to chat with the previous owner (lovely girl!) and it brightened up my December a little bit.

A maxi dressed with a crop/long sleeves top underneath is IDEAL if you want to achieve the whole boho look. And despite looking almost formal, it's very very comfortable. See below (frowning to what the hell my cousin is shouting inside). Pair it with either a hat, hairband and faux fur to really dig into the boho vibe. If you have a better disposable income than I do and love a good bohemian style, I highly recommend (physical store in Covent Garden!)

4- Woollen jumper under flowy/ slouchy/ pinafore dress⁠

Can't wait for sunglasses! (main point to concentrate on lol).

Pinafore dresses are THE BEST for layering and are THE BEST in the summer. This one is a very cheap one from Tezenis- bought it back in 2018, I believe. The good thing about this outfit is, if the sun comes out, you can peel off layers so easily- just wear a cool t-shirt under the jumper so you can take it off, and just take off the leg warmers. EASY ENOUGH!

So here we are, this is my take on layered clothing for the month of March. Hope you can find it helpful.

It's been a strange month, hasn't it?

For us in England still struggling in this never-ending lockdown- all we are left with is reminiscing the last time we went for a drink at the pub. It was on November 2nd (and again, with your social bubble, not with anyone else), before everything closed down for what it feels, truly, forever. As we are easing up our lockdown, Italy is starting a brand new one again. It is a bittersweet feeling, one side of you thinks that you almost made it through, whilst your other native half worries about the people at home.

And most of all, I worry about my fellow nurses at home, having myself gone up the mountain and having seen what's to come. What to say? To quote Megan Fox tattoo, "we will all laugh at gilded butterflies".

Was it not Megan Fox?

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