How to: layered clothing

As promised two weeks ago, here we are! March saw my focus on layered clothing. "Marzo pazzerello, guarda il sole e prendi l'ombrello" is a common expression in Italian, which literally translates into "Crazy March, look at the sun and grab the umbrella". As the weather starts going into Spring mode- and one minute is raining, one minute the sun is out, and the next thing you know, they are forecasting snow for Easter.

Layered clothing is a sort of art- use pieces in your wardrobe to create a complete new look. Sort of like looking in the fridge and creating a whole new dish by using leftovers. Same thing!

There are never-ending combinations of clothes and garments, so that a lot of people get confused. I will try to keep it simple, just sort of remember that there are four easy ways to layer your clothes (I mean, there are countless ways but I feel that narrowing it down to four might help you keep it in track):

1- Woollen jumper over tight/bodycon dress⁠

2- Midi dress over trousers/jeans⁠

3- Long sleeves under Summer maxi dress⁠

4- Woollen jumper under flowy/ slouch dress⁠

In detail:

1- Woollen jumper over tight/bodyCon dress:

I rarely wear JUST a bodyCon dress as I feel too self- conscious (hence the name body con I know I know, oh the irony), so layering is perfect to use all those dresses that feel a bit too tight or too showing.

Ignore my hair please. Always ignore my hair lately.

I never ever wear this dress, way too tight- it's short but with long sleeve so it is too warm for summer- but perfect for layering. It was also incredibly cheap- second hand from a thrift shop (and by cheap I mean really cheap- 3£ maybe?). I've put on top a jumper and a blazer. Not as easy to peel away layers, so maybe this combo works better for the beginning of the month, when it's actually still quite chilly.

2- Midi dress over trousers/jeans⁠

Not gonna lie, not the biggest fan of midi dresses. They always look splendid in theory, but then I try them on and they never look quite right. I have a feeling they only look good on tall people, which definitely isn't my category AT ALL. They just cut my already short legs in half, which probably doesn't help? But I do love this one.

Saying that, midi is THE perfect length for layering on jeans/trousers/leggings/tracksuit bottoms.

Admittedly, these colours don't look great on me (not my season palette at all)- but I do like the outfit so I decided to keep this dress (it has been in my maybe pile for quite some time now). Always worth to brighten it up with a cool scarf. Add some boots for that edgy?rock feeling. Layered it up with long sleeves underneath the dress, and a woollen Primark top.

3- Long sleeves under Summer maxi dress⁠

This maxi dress has a whole story on its own. First of all, you might remember it from my last post- I bought it on Vinted for a ridiculous price. But best of all, I then got to chat with the previous owner (lovely girl!) and it brightened up my December a little bit.