Is sandals season ever going to start?

Brief entry just to say- where the fuck has Spring gone?

I have been looking into sandals since Easter, as the weather was incredibly promising and I really really thought it was time for bare feet again! I mean, I should have got the hint when on Boxing Day after Easter (where we BBQd outside in our t-shirts) it started to snow...

Not only it isn't sunny, but it has literally the wettest May I ever witnessed since coming to the UK- and it's been ten years now! Even the neighbour's cat, notoriously quite shy, is sick of the weather and begging to come in! :D

Nonetheless, I am hopeful- as according to the

news, England will be hit by a heatwave. I mean it's a 20 C degrees heathwave, which I think is laughable really, but.


I honestly hate my feet. I have bunion the size of my fist and I generally feel super self-conscious to go anywhere showing my stupid feet. But I do love the freedom, the air through your toes...nothing says Summer more than freeing your feet from shoes. So since I decided that I no longer care about what people think I started buying more and more sandals. And if you, like me, hate your feet, there are different types of sandals you can use.

I had a little browse on Etsy and found loads that I love.

These are my absolute favourites, too bad I'm a bit out of pocket having just quit my job (and having loads of sandals anyway lol- but I'm keeping my eyes on those).

The shop is really nice- DelosArt.

If you are not into boho sandals but prefer something simpler, this pair is nice and simple, and quite cheap. New Look does similar ones at an even cheaper price, and they are incredibly comfortable (especially the wide fit!).

Cheap sandals, Etsy again- very colourful and good reviews- the whole shop has plenty of options and everything looks übercool. SaharaZuri.

Another really cool shop on Etsy: boutiqueofsandals. Pricey, but lovely stuff. And raving reviews.

Another very simple style, but really cute and comfortable- and it covers bunions perfectly LOL- I do have a complex.

Another type of shoes you can think of if you want to cover your toes is mules. I ADORE these ones from Kurt Geiger- and don't forget your 20% discount if you have a bluelight card! Here are a few...more on the website, with heels as well if that's what you are after.

For the fans out there- sorry there is no way I will ever approve Birkenstock as stylish. Comfortable, yes. Beautiful- no. No way. Soz.

The only ones I truly forever love are the Boston- they just bring back so many memories...

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