Let's accessorise this February

As I might have mentioned before, I hate February. Especially in lockdown. Hence why we need to make this month a little more glamour by adding a few accessories here and there.

I posted it on Instagram, but I know a few of you might not follow me there.

So here we go: every month I make a shopping list of items I need in my wardrobe- I usually set up a budget and then search for the items I want.

Setting up monthly budget expenses and shopping "goals" is a good way to save money, but also to replenish the basics you need in your wardrobe without rushing your search to the last minute, when you realise you are missing a white blouse/knee high boots/etcetera.

I always set apart a fair share of my budget for accessories. Seasons might come and go, but a good statement piece can last forever- but also it can be very versatile. They don't have to be particularly expensive. The necklace in the picture above, for example, was less than 20£ on Etsy (from a uk- based shop called Glamorze) and to me it looks absolutely stunning. Very tribal chic, goes well with a total black, but I can see it in the summer paired with any other bright colour (think your bright pink, blue or white). When choosing a statement piece of jewellery is quite important to think: will I use it more than twice/does it go well with the clothes I have/will I be able to pull it off/ and so on.

Again, I have always been quite OTT with jewellery and accessories so honestly a big necklace doesn't really faze me at this point- but if you are feeling quite shy, you can try a monochrome look ,(if you are a Winter like me- see previous post) total black always looks cool, and you can try adding any big-ish necklace, of any colour. I love black and gold together- probably because it is the predominant palette in the last Schiaparelli collection as well and I LOVED it, but it also does look timelessly elegant.

Of course, you might not be the big/statement necklace type, and that's ok- what about earrings?

Dangly earring always always always give that little extra detail- it looks like you have made an effort even though in reality it takes literally 30 seconds to swap earrings around. Universal earrings that can fit any face: hoop earrings. Thin face? Go for larger ones, maybe embellished. Rounder face? You can get drop ones to create the illusion of an elongated face. For hoop earring inspiration, look up to the Queen of hoops: JLo.

Below you can see REALLY embellished ones (from ASOS) or simpler ones. Again, it looks effortless (and it is), even if you are wearing a cheap t-shirt from Tesco.

But again, you might not be a big fan of jewellery, and hoops - and that's ok.

Another accessory I am loving lately are BELTS. Mind you, not the ones that sit just right above the fanny- 90s Britney really gave a belt phobia in that sense!

Don't get me wrong, I do love our Princess of Pop and I'm all for the #freebritney movement-


See here? No need for a belt in stark contrast with the outfit- just the umpteenth way to draw attention to her groin, and basically hypersexualise her. But Framing Britney Spears is a completely new topic so I will try and go back to belts. (I mean feel free to valorise your groin if you want to, just not for me LOL).

This was just to say- if you are thinking belts the way I used to think about belts and how we used them in the 90s- please scrap that. What I mean by belts is waist belts.

I bought a couple via eBay (as I spent almost my entire monthly budget on shoes) and they turned out to be very useful in adding a little touch to my outfits.

So here they are- they were about 20£ altogether.

As you know I hate body types (hence notmybodytype) BUT I am a big fan of valorising the curves we have. I know I have been always classified as a pear (fuck that)- but ONE thing is right- I have a small waist and I do like to accessorise it! (which is where the biggest tattoos I have are as well)...

Have you ever bought a dress that looked amazing online, or it was on sale and you loved the colour- and then you put it on at home and it looks dreadful and shapeless?

Yes me too. So many times. And every time I think- when will I fucking learn? Probably never- BUT, fear not. Because there are solutions that don't require being very good friends with a tailor (which would cost you more than the item itself, really).


Can you see the difference a belt can make? 20£ worth of belts have saved so many of my outfits, I can't even begin to tell you! Also works well with a total black outfit (which you all know I love):

There is an INCREDIBLE variety of belts out there, any colour, any shape, any pocket. Also, newsflash: you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have to have a thin waist in order to wear them- and actually, if you do not have a waist, they help in creating the illusion that you have one. Try a belt of the same colour of your dress if that's the case- it works!

The model below creates the illusion of waist and hips by adding a belt of the same colour- easy peasy!

BONUS tip: you get it, belts are cool, but either you cannot be bothered to shop, or are a bit skint for money. Use a scarf! Surely you already have one, just use it as a belt! I know I have quite a few- my mother is legit the queen of Scarves and she gave me many throughout the years. Let's use one as an example:

So this one can be used instead of a necklace (see right)- it's got nice colours that complement the ones in the dress.

But again, just wrap it around your waist to give a bit of definition and volume.

Job done.

I could go on talking about accessories forever, but at the moment I guess it is time to wrap it up. Any questions about belts or whatever else, please feel free to contact me!

I hope you'll have a nice AND QUICK end of February- in the hope of our lockdown easing soon and safely.

Take care out there xx

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