Let there be jackets

The weather is just a little sunnier (but not warmer), and our beloved non-essential shops are now open. And pub gardens...

It is very tempting to just pop into Stratford and do a hard sesh of shopping, especially now that the season has changed and we probably want to spruce up our wardrobe.

In England, pubs (only beer garden) will be open, which basically means that any social occasion will be held outside: the perfect moment to search for jackets!

Don't be tempted by the windows and the trends: there are only four staples that you need in your wardrobe to fully submerge yourself in Spring mode.

...and the winners are:

1- Bomber jacket

2- Jeans jacket

3- Trench coat

4- Leather jacket

So in this post I will give you some advice of what's out there, cheap or not so cheap, depending on the budget you have- although I have a feeling a lot of us are trying to save money for when we will finally able to travel (17th of May, anyone?)

If you need further help and you can't really decide what to buy, head up to my store and look for "shopping assistant": you tell me what you want, and I will find it for you. Statement jackets can last years- the leather jacket I use was a gift from my mum- she herself bought I in the 1970s. Doesn't go anymore vintage than that!


As mentioned in a previous post, I got mine off Vestiaire Collective for less than 30£. It arrived in immaculate condition, and it's a lovely item form & Other Stories.

The quality is excellent, the colours suit me (Winter palette, hello?) and it can be styled in many different ways.

I have been obsessed for quite some time now with the bomber jackets from a shop on Etsy: The name is Classic Rock Couture. They sell these kind of old rock, sun of Arizona kinda style bomber jackets:

The reviews are raving, but the price is too high for my pocket: the yellow one is sold at £152.53, the blue one at £134.47.

There is one other shop on Etsy on that does a similar item. The shop is called Atophandcraft. So below is their take on the same style, good reviews. Cheaper at £79.

Again on Etsy, visit JEArtGalleryLondon at .

I am particularly loving this bomber, especially if you are not that much into colours. Price: £72.50.

You can always try Vinted for ultimate bargains. This bomber jacket below, from Zara, it's still available (at time of writing) for only £8!

If you're not into apps or Etsy, there are many other options.

Quality wise, I feel Superdry is always excellent. Different price range, 99.99£ upwards. I have a few thing from Superdry and I do have to say- they last forever. So definitely an investment!