Reverting back to a teenager every time I come back home

Hello everyone,

I am very very excited to write this post from my parents' home in North Italy, where I shall stay for the oncoming weeks.

Travelling has cost a bloody fortune- the fit to fly swab alone was 129£. So I thought I'll pack lightly and only leave with a hand luggage. And in my mind I thought- it is my childhood home so I can easily recover some items from the wardrobe there.

And instead I end up climbing up to the Altissimo dressed like a troubled teenager.

Well, welcome naughties! My wardrobe is a painful collection of things I used to wear mainly in the decade 2000-2010, having left home in 2011. And as my mum always jokingly says, my room looks like a museum of those years- nothing has really changed. There are still notes from nursing uni on the walls, my mangas and Dylan Dogs all over the place, and dubious inspirational quotes in any given corner. Sometimes I wake up and don't quite remember my age anymore!

I think that, given I was only allowed a small suitcase and a backpack I did pretty well. I managed 6 pairs of trousers, two jackets, a few t-shirts, two pair of shoes and two pair of sandals. And of course, all my technology- laptop, chargers, speaker and kindle.

Little tricks- divide everything in little bags. Bag for underwear, bag for shoes, bag for technology, bag for documents (if you need any- it became really difficult to travel these days!). And bag for make-up, of course.

Despite how good one can be at packing, obviously some things were never meant to fit in- any sport equipment/sport shoes was out of the question. So I find myself randomly doing some exercises in my pyjamas, or worse, in what I thought was sportswear in 2009.

I thought- if I truly am the Queen of Decluttering, then I should set an example in my childhood home.

So here is my beloved wardrobe- BEFORE

I just needed to show you the outside- I think I am still a teenager at heart.

I pretty much thrown EVERYTHING away now and it looks amazing- as in, I am not tempted to dress as a teenager AND I can actually see what I have just with a glimpse of the eye.


Also, it is now much easier to remember what I actually have in my wardrobe without buying everything twice!

And don't even get me started in the bathroom... raise your hand if you tried to use a moisturiser bought a decade ago and was caught by surprise when your face exploded into a ginormous rash! *insert facepalm here*

I used to be a bit of a hoarder, but now I really enjoy a few quality items- life is much much easier. And it also cuts you dressing time by half.

You only need a few good key combinations, not endless piles of clothes that you never wear. Those trousers that you think they make your arse look big? Chuck them. Anything that you don't wear because it makes you uncomfortable- not worth it.

Life is short and complicated, let at least your wardrobe be easy!

Hope you can enjoy a good holiday, wherever you are allowed to travel :-*

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