Since we talked about Pantone...

... I thought I could expand a bit more as it is quite an interesting topic.

We owe Pantone to Lawrence Herbert, who systematised pigments and colours and created the company in 1962.

The company's primary products include the Pantone Guides, which consist of cardboard sheets, printed on one side with a series of related colours and then put toghether into a small "fan deck".

The concept is to facilitate "color match" when a design enters production stage, regardless of the equipment used to produce the color.

... and why not make up and clothes!

Color of the Year

Since 2000, the Pantone Color Institute declares a particular colour "Color of the Year".


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Little did they know that what 2020 would bring was anything BUT a stable foundation- but then again, who could have predicted the shitstorm that was about to happen?

As mentioned on my Tuesday post on Instagram, Pantone chose two colours for 2021,

- 1) Illuminating- a shade of yellow that is meant to bring us hope (such as the light at the end of the tunnel vaccines)

-2) Ultimate Gray- its meaning could be the monotone days of our lockdown. Gray is neither black nor white, but a boring colour that accompanied us through 2020 (and what it seems early 2021 as well). The grey skies, our grey faces, the grey screens of all the digital gadgets we have overused day after day when we were barricading at home.

(Little note: grAy is US spelling; grEy is British).

The two colours have reminded a few people of Maurizio Cattelan's sculpture "Comedian", which entailed a banana stuck on a wall with some grey duct tape.

When it was first unveiled in 2019, anything seemed possible. In hindsight, it feels like a big slap in the face- If only we knew what was to come.

For the first time on the 8th of January 2020, a famous Italian virologist I happen to follow on Facebook talked for the first time about an unknown pneumonia that was putting Wuhan on its knees and quickly sparking interest in the rest of the world.

My boyfriend and I were actually having a little holiday in the Dominican Republic at that time, soaking up some winter sun- but we both remember vividly watching the news about Wuhan thinking "Whoa! That looks crazy".

And crazy it was indeed.

I think we remember it so clearly because our lives changed so much since then-

It might be a risky analogy, but it reminded me of how I felt on the 11th of September 2001. I can still remember what I was doing when the Twin Towers were hit. If you type on Google "Where were you on...", the second autocomplete that appears is "9/11".

(after, oddly, where were you on your wedding)

And yes, I was only about to turn 14 but I still had a sense of anticipatory doom. It is probably the only two instances in my life so far, that I can sort of see myself from the outside at 13 and 32 and feel an indescribable nostalgia for how easier life seemed to be.

It is easy to choose to look at the dreadful people that hate the idea of a vaccine, that believe in 5G, and that wearing a mask can kill you off and render you unable to breath. I had shifts were not only I was wearing full ppes for 4,5,6 hours in a row, I would call families and let them know how their relative was- and it was never good news. We are about to intubate, we are about to withdraw care, we have ran out of treatment options and we don't see any improvements, please be prepared to say goodbye, do you want to come in if we help you do the donning and doffing?

And we carried on (and still carry on- and it is now the worst of the worst), with our ppes, masks on, visors on- and to see people on the bus or in the supermarkets taking their mask off because they need to answer the phone when in my mind I know that conversations (and what conversations!) can be had with proper protection is infuriating.

Actually, infuriating does not even begin to describe the sentiment. You want these people to feel how you feel at work- but actually, you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy. That is how bad it is.

But the amount of wonderful humans that are out there, can we please focus on them? There are so many that comment and DM me everyday about my blog, and it is thanks to them that I still keep on going- so if you are reading this, and I know you are, thank you so much!

So sorry about my soppy post, I know I am meant to focus on fashion and make-up and my business and brand, and all things beautiful- but humans can be beautiful too and we should recognise it daily. ESPECIALLY NOW.

I think trying to feel positive and happy is a constant exercise nowadays.

And I know that I bang on and yap about wearing bright colours and bright makeup (and YAAASS Cosmopolitan TOTALLY backed me up in the UK January's issue), but someday (like today) my best has been wearing black, no makeup, and watch Married at First Sight (Australian version) while gulping down a stir fry. And Prosecco.

BUT let's try and keep it breezy as much as we can and let's try this Pantone colour(s) of the year. Not sure if you are paying attention around you, but I can see more and more accessories in the chosen colours of 2021. One example? All the Drybar accessories from Sephora ( - if you can navigate the website in French, that is, as there are no Sephora shops in the uk.

Clothes- wise, it is hard to wear yellow in January, as it a nice and bright colours that reminds us of warmer seasons. But pair it up with gray, and it does actually make a cute out even in the l0ngest month of the year.

Break down of the outfit:

Top and trousers from River Island. The trousers are slightly big on me as I mouth them on sale and had to go for a size bigger that the one I usual wear. But a0 I really wanted them and b) we are going to be in lockdown for at least another month and I will definitely gain weight. Not that you can see it, but there is a big safety pin at the bag holding them up!

Basic t-shirt from Zara.

Shoes from New Look.

Faux Fur coat from Pull and Bear.

AND YAAAAS, beanie hat from


I decided to buy one to try it on myself- it is warm and soft indeed. The writing is not just printed but actually embroidered for long lasting wear.

Browse around in my store- now available at 14£!

And as mentioned before, every third Friday of the month (today!) you will receive my Newsletter with news and promotions- so please do subscribe :)

Have a good weekend and

take care out there


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