Something borrowed

As much as I love Christmas, the holidays can be a huge trigger as far as mental health is concerned. I must say, I enjoyed a little cozy Christmas at home- we made homemade pasta, ate the equivalent of my body weight in roasted potatoes, watched festive movies, and overall had a nice time.

It is hard though not to let your mind wonder back to those Christmases where you could travel back to your parents and the house would be full of people, and presents, and games,...

When I miss my family and friends, I like to wear something they either gave me as a present, or something that I have borrowed from them.

This jumper once belonged to my mum: I love that is collared with that little necklace around- but it somehow doesn't look too preppy.

It always, always looks elegant, but it is not too serious- the seriousness of the black is in contrast with the collar, creating a nice balance.

And it's so warm! I can almost not wear a coat when wearing this one. (Almost- it is December still). Every time I wear it I always send a selfie to my mum. It is a little thing that helps us feeling a bit closer, even now that we are forced to be apart.

I particularly like to use it in contrast with more "frivolous" clothes, like this sequin dress (only 10£ from Tesco everybody- you're welcome!)

As I said before, I like to go all in for Christmas, so quite bright makeup as well.

At the cost of repeating myself, nothing is more festive than red and gold- I love this combo.

Also please note that AMAZING scrunchie from New Look. I like maximum effect with minimal effort- and this scrunchie JUST delivers.

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Take care out there xx

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