Spring, at last

I know it officially doesn't start until the 21st of March, but as I am writing this, we seem to have a decent and sensible plan to ease out of lockdown, and the sun is out. It difficult not to feel hopeful for the coming months.

My prediction is: this winter has been oh-my-god-soooo long, that we will want to wear bright colours. DUH, you think. As Pantone rightly pointed out, 2020 has been the year of Ultimate Gray, of never-ending days which blur into a one, unique monotone colour. So it might be the time for Illuminating Yellow now!

It's difficult not to feel very spring-frenzy, but it is actually still quite cold, at least here in England. Which is why, for whoever is following me on Instagram, my Fridays will be focused on layered clothing for an easy transition from this really long and cold winter into spring. Spoiler alert: this will also be the topic in my next post, in two weeks' time.

With any new month beginning, I set aside my monthly budget for clothes and accessories- sadly this month is looking a bit skint, as I am trying to save some money in order to pursue further studies.

So what do I usually do when I am really broke, but as the spoiled brat I am, I want to buy new things? I go vintage/second hand! Obviously London is absolutely fantastic for vintage and second hand shopping and markets, but unfortunately these are going to be closed until (if everything goes to plan) April 12th. That first pint in a beer garden since the end of October will be the most, fucking incredible tasting one I have ever had, in my life. Ever. Oh, the anticipation!

Anyway, going back to vintage shopping. Of course we live in the digital era so we are actually spoilt for choices- I like two apps the most, Vinted and Vestiaire Collective.

Vinted is definitely the cheapest of the two: you can search by item or by brand, and chances are that if you save items under "Your favourites", the seller will contact you directly with a discount. I recently bougth this Zara dress and this Biba blouse for only 7.50£ and 5£ respectively. The Zara dress will be featuring in my next post- nothing says spring more than layering up a summer maxi dress!

Lately, I am also finding a few trainers on Vinted- which is ideal because, thankfully, boots season is almost over. Bought some lovely vintage Puma for only 11£!

You can list and buy whatever you like for free (unless, like me, you are a hoarder).

Vestiaire Collective is the posher version of Vinted. It is a more refined platform- all the items have to be approved by the VC's team.

The commission rates vary depending on how much the item sells for and it’s worked out as a percentage (see below).

Fees are actually much higher than, let's say, the good ol' e-Bay (which I think sit around the 10% mark) BUT. Vestiaire Collective actually guarantees the integrity of the item, whilst e- Bay is always a bit shady, especially when you start seeing Chanel or Louis Vuitton bags lying around.

There are three options to buy an item:

1. The product goes to the app Headquarters where is physically verified and authenticated by their experts. The authentication fee is 2% of the item price, but never more than 9.99£. If the item does not comply with the description given by the seller, VC will provide a 100% refund.

2. Some items can be "shipped directly"- usually reserved for products under

1000£, or for sellers with excellent track record.

3. Third option: "express delivery"- which simply means the item is at the headquarters already and is ready to be sent. For all three options, if the seller doesn't ship the item in 7 days, you get a complete refund.

So, yes, posher and potentially for buyers with quite a bit of disposable income.

One example: only recently Jameela Jamil used this app to sell iconic pieces from her wardrobe (and of course then donated the money to charity because she is awesome like that).

But don't be discouraged, they don't store only Gucci and Prada. I recently bought a bomber jacket on this app from & Other Stories for just 27£.

Deals are all around us, just look for them!

Again, for accessories (I was looking into new bellybutton/septum jewellery) I like to always have a cheeky look on Etsy- they do have wonderful staff up there.

- indigoevejewellery does lovely ceramic pieces :

- Otis Jaxon for minimalist, chic pieces:

- Millie Boo Silk Scarves fo hand painted silk scarves:

- Queenchal, for body jewellery:

- WalktheTalkJewelry for bohemian, ethnic, minimalistic accessories:

Well, I could go on for hours- but I will let you go for now! Have a good two weeks. See you soon with some easy to do, easy to replicate, layered clothing.

Take care out there


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