Spring colours!!!!

Let's start by saying, Spring is baffling me this year. As I am writing this, I just came off two long days at work and I really REALLY wanted to have a lie-in. But yesterday, 30th of March was the hottest day in March since 1968 and of course I was inside my beloved hospital.

Obviously I checked the weather before collapsing in bed- broadcasting SUN SUN SUN. So did my due diligence and woke up bright and early to sunbathe and of course it's grey and cloudy.

JUST MY F** LUCK! It's randomly warm- but it doesn't serve me at all if the sun isn't out, does it?! So I guess it is time to write my blog.

(So I am in a very bad mood but) SPRING COLOURS! I've noticed three trends going strong this year so pick you favourite:

- monochrome black and white (a trend that will never fade I think)

- bold colours: in particular emerald green, which I see EVERYWHERE

- neutrals: a palette that doesn't suit me at all- but fuck it because I love it anyway

Monochrome black and white- keep it classy

I like a check print for the Spring! It's light and fun but can still be elegant. And it's easy to add a bit of colour if needed- red always goes well with a black and white monochrome.

Let's also not forget it's almost leather jacket season- a black leather jacket can instantly make any outfit more edgy.

In a grey day like this ( and I suspect there'll be many more) a B&W ensemble is perfect, especially if you are in a shitty mood like me. When I feel a bit down I long for black.

Because A) it looks good on a Winter like me; and B) it thoroughly reflects my mood. And also the leather jacket: has that intrinsic quality of immediately making me feel like a badass.

But it's Spring, pub gardens will open in 12 days at time of writing, half of the population seems to be vaccinated, the Pfizer jab has proved to be powerfully protective in adolescents and work (from a COVID point of view) is better. So maybe not the season to be wearing black? Up to you guys.

If you have black skin, white will always look great on you (I wear white now and I just look ill). Lately I love the Kemiststore on Insta. This jumpsuit come in white (as pictured), green, red, black and light brown- and it just looks amazing (£159- if only I had the money!).

Bold colours

The season of blossom equals colours. And whilst Spring is usually associated with more muted colours quietly awaiting for Summer- I think this year we all feel the need to be frivolous and brilliant, and sparkly, to counterweight the year we've just had.

I am personally seeing A LOT of emerald green this season, so much so that I purchased a pair of trousers from Zara - less than £30. I must admit, IF I had all the money in the world I would have probably opted for this pair below.

Also, the jumpsuit from ME+EM looks lovely, but still too pricey for my pocket :(

So here is me with my less than 30£ Zara trousers (and actually really happy about them).