The darker the times...

...the more colourful we dress! Oh and please note (at the back) how my boyfriend puts hooks everywhere and just randomly hangs things around.

For the people not following me on Instagram, I woke up yesterday feeling really rough after a couple of shifts that were far from ideal. To top that off, I had really vivid dreams that rendered my sleep pointless.

As someone who works night shifts and is fairly used to turn their body clock around, I thought the best way to proceed with my day was to keep awake and, honestly, JUST KEEP GOING. Maybe if I wore colourful things, and put a bright makeup on, hopefully I'd feel a bit more awake? Wishful thinking, I know, but worth a try.

You know by now (and if you don't, here we are) my love for Kurt Geiger- not only I love the style (who knew that an Austrian could have an edge? JK), but it supports the NHS. And let's face it, in a time where no-mask idiots feel free to roam around thinking this is all some sort of political plot, anything that makes us feel supported is largely welcomed. I love the new rainbow collection. It just gives me a little tiny bit of hope.

Rainbow shoes to match the rainbow pom pom of my hat.

Shoes available on: . Don't forget that NHS staff gets 50% off any full price item- you just need a picture of your badge and your nhs e-mail.

The hat was from Primark- however I did buy it about 100 years ago so I am not too sure it would still be in the stores.


Excuse my eye-bags. I have had eye-bags since the day I was born, so a global pandemic is certainly not going to make them go away. Also they are part of me- I am always tired, always busy, and I will always have eye-bags. Suits me.

This make up takes roughly ten minutes to achieve: colourful eyeliners/pencils really look like you are making a massive effort when in reality you are just drawing a line on your eyelid. If you are shy, why don't you start with softer colours? A pale brown, for example, will blend quite well without standing out too much. Make up is about building your confidence: I remember when I started putting make up on my face I would have never dared any bright colours. But little by little, you try and try, and it feels good. Or, at least, it works for me. Also: who is going to look at me twice in London? Puh-lease.

I think there is a misconception that blue and turquoise make up only looks good if you have blue eyes- BS. It looks good, period.

Some of you texted me to ask if I could do somebody's make up- the answer is: I would love to! As soon as we can actually touch and meet each other. But for the moment, social distancing will remain my golden rule.

So, off I go on my solitary walk. I hopefully will walk off some of my lingering bad thoughts too.

Keep fighting the good fight!


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