The say green is for envy,

I beg to differ.

Especially around Christmas. I adore Christmas. Ask my mum. And sisters. And boyfriend. Green reminds me of my tree, and festivities, without being as cliché as red and gold.

The boat neck on this top gives room to accessorise your neck if needed- it actually wants to be embellished (I can hear it, can't you?)Necklace and bracelets are from Accessorize. They were SUCH a bargain as they were on sale so win-win all the way!

I love walking around London, and to be fair, there is not much else we can do at the moment.

I recently went to Waitrose (I never go to Waitrose even though I love it as I am living on a nurse's wage)- but I thought I'd spoil myself. And also they have fab Christmas decorations.

You got me.

I went for the ready meals as it was my boyfriend's and mine second anniversary and I CANNOT BE BOTHERED to cook. Yeah, the way to a man's heart is through the stomach and all that, but I am a shit cook and I can think of about a thousand things I'd rather be doing than stressing about cooking. But I thought, if I have to be lazy about it, let's do it in style and according to festivities!

As I walked into Waitrose, they were selling these lovely, heart-shaped pins. I immediately bought one because, duh, it matched my outfit. An to be fair, it was also for charity. And it doesn't matter how broke I am, I still have a roof on my head and money in my bank and I was shopping at Waitrose for crying out loud! So I just bought it.

Can you believe is already on e-bay for double the price?

I intend to wear it a lot- not enough kindness out there.

As I said before, I don't think we are doing a great jobs of taking care of each other. I notice at work, as the morale is lower and lower, we tend to get more short-tempered: as we become more and more exhausted, it is difficult to show empathy. I know I definitely feel like that, like every energy I've got left is just about enough to power through yet another day.

And I love brooches! They need to make a comeback STAT.

Anyway, please feel free to browse the store, or get in touch for any questions- and don't forget to subscribe!

Take care out there,


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