What do you do when you are losing it?

Whatever *IT* may be. Your mind, your patience, your empathy, your ability to see the glass half full. Your ability to laugh things off, to make things a little lighter.

I promised myself I wouldn't do a list of the shitshow that 2020 has been so far, so I will try not to. I am not sure I would have enough space on this blog.

Can I just say: I am feeling blue today. An it's ok. There is a lot going on.

And we are in Tier 3- so literally, what do you do to make yourself feel better? For the Italians reading this, Tier 3 might translate with "zona Rossa". Area Rossa? Whatever Conte is saying.

To answer your question, I dress up. Well, not necessarily up, but I try and make the effort of not slacking in my pj all day with the excuse that the world out there is horrible anyway.

Self care, might it t be a facemask, a new haircut, a bit of shopping, putting a bright lipstick on will always work (for me anyway). Because you are taking care of yourself in a world where it feels, at least at the moment, that we are not really taking good care of each other. Also, it doesn't have to cost a lot of money either. I live on a part time nurse salary (Band 5 as well, the lowest of bands) and as written on my website, this is, after all, fashion advice on a budget. I went browsing yesterday and ended up buying these lovely Calzedonia leggings (SHOUT OUT limited edition and collaboration with Superga)as they were on sale at 15£. I mean, it is almost offensive to not feel a tiny tiny bit happier when you wear these. Couple them with a long cozy cricket jumper (which I love) and you got an entire look going on. It's warm, it's comfortable and it's cheap.

For the Italians reading this: the one you're thinking of with the horses and clubs, it's polo. POLO.

So what about make up- I felt I wanted a bit of bling bling in my life today, so I changed my nose ring to a bigger and brighter one. As the nose ring draws attention to the mouth, I usually pair it with a nice lipstick. And yes, I know we all are wearing masks, but I couldn't resist.

If I decide to go for a lipstick, I wouldn't normally put a lot of make-up on my eyes, as I always fear I might end up looking like a clown. So for today, it was literally a neutral eyeshadow and mascara.

Lipstick and eyeshadow by Revolution; mascara and bronzer from Wycon cosmetics. Both cheap brands but ridiculously good.

Before you ask: I do not have fake eyelashes. I had some done pre- November lockdown so I would doubt they're still on. Hairband and socks from Accessorize (I feel the sock are giving off a lovely Jane Fonda vibe).

It's the simple things. Wearing bright pink leggings and maybe catching a glimpse of myself with nice make up on makes me feel better.

Feel free to comment and say what makes you feel bette- I think we all need some advice in that department!

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And as always, take care out there.

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