What season are you?

So, I recently discovered this wonderful secret that personal stylists use in order to assess their clients (I was about to write patients, mind you!). My friends all knew about this, and I actually had no idea. So let me share the wisdom with you all.

Each of us is a season.

Sorry, WHAT?

And depending of what season you are, you may suit certain colours better.

That's really interesting Alice, but then how do I know what season I am?

Fear not, because it's actually super easy: it depends on your skin tone, hair and eye colour. Still sounds complicated? Let me break it down for you.

First of all, if I now show you a table of colours, to what season are you instinctively drawn to?

My answer (for myself of course) is either summer or winter.

BUT: winter is the only palette that contains black, and I always look my best in total black- or so I like to think anyway! So, have a look and think what suits you better, or if you remember receiving compliments when wearing a certain colour.

Little detour-

If you follow me on Instagram, today's post is about turban hats- quickest way to cover a bad hair day AND looking glam. This one is from H&M and it was incredibly cheap. I bought it a few years ago now but I honestly think it was less than a fiver.

Loads of turban hats will pop up if you do a basic google search- they can be as expensive as 400£! But you can find some on Etsy that are cute and vintage for as little as 5.99£.

If you are into the vintage scene and would like some pre-loved turban hats, you can use a couple of apps for that: I personally use Vinted and Vestiaire Collective. Vinted is way cheaper if you are on a strict budget like me, whilst Vestiaire is more expensive, but you can find a lot of luxury brands- I like to save them on my Wishlist JUST IN CASE I become a billionaire overnight.

But going back to our seasons:

I also wear quite a lot of red lately, especially since going blond-ER. Same goes for shocking pink.

So I was overall confident in the whole I-am- a -Winter- situation.

Of course, this is just a start, and it does not mean that you have to stick with the same colours forever- shades and hues are infinite. There is A LOT of room to play around with.

Again: if you like a particular colour and is not in "your" season, tough shit- wear it anyway! The whole point of Notmybodytype is to use style and fashion to bring us joy, not to feel more miserable by rules and regulations!

However, it is interesting to actually have a bit of knowledge of colours that might suit you better or worse and that you never even considered. For example, I love beige and Camel (think THE classic Burberry trench coat) but these two colours actually wash me out, no matter if I've got a tan, or lovely make up on. So, this is actually good information to have at hand, especially in the era of shopping online! Because now I know, if I see a lovely coat in camel or beige, I'm not going to buy it as these colours DO NOT SUIT ME. Looking washed out does not bring me joy- so if I can avoid spending money in something that doesn't bring me happiness, all the better. And hard-earned money it is, my friends, especially lately.

If you want proof, here I am wearing camel/beige tones. I have the same lighting, make up and hair then in the picture where I'm wearing red, and yet in this one I look wiped out.

Saying that, this trench coat used to be my father's- so chances are that I will be wearing it anyway, but I will definitely pair it with some bright colours.

So have you decided which palette suits you better?

The next step is to take a look at yourself and tick off the boxes that you think describe yourself the best. This helps confirming the season you have already chosen.

The best way to try on a bold colour (I think) is to buy a cheap accessory, or make up in that shade. Kiko does lovely cheap lipsticks in pretty much any colour, and Make Up Revolution London has lovely and cheap shadow palette. This way, it becomes fairly easy to try on different colours without having to commit to a whole expensive outfit.

At the end of the day, if you do not like how a colour make you look and feel, it it unlikely that you will be wearing it anytime soon.

If you are not quite sure what season you are, reach out and I can help you! Colour analysis is a huge part of getting your own style and it is included in the Notmybodytype restyling pack in the store.

Quite a lot of info this week, so I will leave you to it- and please get in touch if you need any advice! And start experimenting :)

Take care out there,


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