What would I wear if I wasn't on a glamorous night shift

As I probably mentioned somewhere in my stories on Insta, I was graced with a few days off during Christmas. Of course, it came at a price: night shifts on New Years Eve and Day. And I must say, I usually don't like NYE, but this year I would have loved celebrating seeing the back of what has been one of the most horrible years I had the honour to live (or survive) so far. Sorry, long sentence there!

It was a relentless, shitty year all round, wasn't it?

So of course, we are not allowed to do much, but even if we aren't, you probably know by now that I love a glorious outfit even if I'm going downstairs to watch TV.

So, IF I wasn't working

IF we were allowed a kick-ass party


This the look I would go for:

A dramatic year calls for dramatic makeup- and what's more dramatic than a proper smoky eye?

It's literally black on black, with more black.

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Accessories by Swarovski (necklace) and earrings made by MOI. All accessories are available in the store, pop in and have a look if you fancy!

Outfit: maxi dress by Monsoon. And no tights, because, honestly, I am not stepping outside anyway :D

The colourful maxi dress creates contrast with the heavy and dark makeup--> I wouldn't necessarily go all colourful after the year we had; but let's maintain some hope for the year to come.

OH MY OH MY Don't I look fab?

But of course, this is what I will actually be looking like:

I usually try and make a list of five things that I like to achieve in the next year, and I always always ALWAYS write them down and sort of work through my list as the year goes by.

I am quite old school like that, or possibly I am completely brainwashed as a nurse; but IF IT IS NOT WRITTEN IT IS NOT DONE. And whilst this is also a legal requirement for nursing notes, it rings true for pretty much everything in life: if I wake up on my day off and I make a plan, hour by hour, I know I will respect it AND actually get things done. If I don't write it down and I am left to my own devices, I will literally spend all my day on the sofa watching Modern Family. And don't get me wrong, we all need sofa days from time to time, but I can be the laziest human alive.


So these were my goals for 2020 (I can't believe that I wrote those down completely unaware of what was to happen, a world that was RONAFREE):

1- Apply for an NGO

2-Get engaged

3-Continue Crossfit

4- Be happy

5-Finish ITU course

Did I achieve any of those? Maybe. Did I go back and check on them every few months to see whether or not I was on track? FUCK NO.

More importantly, fuck 2020 and fuck those goals because, honestly, we made it in one piece and that should be enough! Fat, thin, single, engaged, HAPPY? As much as we can, I guess.

So what do I want from 2021? Back to basics. Be happy. Love my job and what I do.

Let me write it down before I forget. LOL. But not really lol.

A colleague of mine wrote this poem- the end never fails to make me cry. So, courtesy of Lloyd Reynolds- CHAPTER TWO

"Didn't make it home this year

The road back feels much longer

Nothing controls quite like fear

Deemed far too tough to conquer

Stay in, unless you're spending

Such perplexing instruction

A struggle unrelenting

Life's newest interruption

Adrift relatives shed tears

Their latest visit denied

Politicians they cry tiers

Awaiting the turning tide

The water laps at your feet

Aware of t'wolf at the door

Keep your distance move your seat

A pressure builds on the floor

Applause doesn't pay bills

Season two please skip intro

You are the protagonist

Worthy of title heroes

Nurses and intensivist

So go put on your armour

Be it no less oppressive

A gross working departure

Caring still the objective

With a deep breath stand up tall

Camaraderie will drive

To summit beyond the wall

Your knowledge and skill will thrive

Finally my friends, thank you

End in sight? we hope it nears

Pause for thought, for the souls who

Didn't make it home this year"

Fare -thee- well 2020; you were a toxic relationship that needs to end now.

Take care out there xx

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