Why notmybodytype?

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Hello everybody, I hope you are keeping well...

Let me introduce notmybodytype: it is my attempt to change the way fashion wants to put people (women mainly) in little boxes they created.

Fashion should be serving us, not the opposite.

How tiring is it to open a magazine and read about shape of bodies, and how those trousers and that t-shirt will make you look thinner, or hide your big thighs? And the list goes on and on and on...

It literally drives me insane.

There should not be an ideal body type! Every body type should be celebrated for every flaw and every scar and whatever else it helped us achieve. And yet I feel that popular opinion is to bring ourselves down. And in a vicious cycle we keep on buying clothes and changing our style in order to make our bodies "ideal". I spent years choosing clothing that would make me feel thinner- on the day of my 30th birthday I had a nervous breakdown (where I literally started rolling on the floor of my parents' house crying) because all the clothes I had made me look fat. I live abroad (based in London) and I flew back to my hometown (in North Italy) to celebrate with my friends and family and because I felt I was not perfect and thin, I almost did not go out. Thankfully I had my mum yelling from the other room "it's enough now, you're turning 30, not 16, and even if you're fat go and meet your friends"- that made me pop out of my breakdown bubble and off I went, and had a lovely night.

Two months before my 30th, we lost a friend in our group circle due to cancer- she never made it to 30. So not only I witnessed that, and not only I was lucky enough to be able to fly home for my birthday (something that we all learnt this year should NEVER, EVER be taken for granted), I still almost did not enjoy it because the purple sweater that my then boyfriend gave me made me feel look fat. I loved that sweater!

It really made me think, how brainwashed are we, that we adapt to impossible ideals of beauty? If I can make a goal for 2021 let it be to leave behind whatever sense of shame or embarrassment and take charge of what I like, and hopefully, help somebody to achieve that too.

SO, what the fuck is ideal? Animals out there, despite their physical structure not being "ideal" are able to fly. Remember the famous zoologist, Antoine Magnan, who infamously said "First prompted by what is done in aviation, I applied the laws of air resistance to insects, and I arrived, with Mr. Sainte-Laguë, at this conclusion that their flight is impossible."

The infamous bumblebee which is not supposed to fly but doesn't know and does it nonetheless, anybody remembers it? I did a little research and there are actually a few creatures out there that are not supposed to fly, but happen to do anyway. The Japanese flying squid (I am not even making this up), the flying fish, mobile rays, puffins (cuties!!) and, of course, the hummingbird.

(My attempt to draw a little hummingbird- bear with me, I find painting very relaxing and yes, I will pester you with my attempts.)

All of this prologue to say, if a hummingbird can wake up in the morning and decide that against all physics it will fly, then we can sure as hell wake up in the morning and wear whatever makes us happy!

So whether you need some fashion advice, want to change style, or you want me to literally look at your wardrobe and change it over, I am here for you. I am also working on some cute accessories (and cheap!) for you all. So please do not hesitate to check the shop for a great grab. Accessories have no size, can make an outfit pop and, as I see it, can bring a lot of happiness!

Love all you beautiful creatures out there,


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